About the developer

My name is Lars Forsberg and I started developing VividTracker in 2013. It took about a year of my spare time to bring VividTracker to the App Store. It was finally released in February 2014. From that first version, I’ve been dedicated to bring more features to VividTracker, for instance support for Korg Volca Sample. Many more features will come in the future.

Back in the good old days, Protracker was the music making application for writing game music. The mod-format is however still a very convenient format to use in mobile apps, since it is light weighted and does not take up much space (compare a 300k module to 3 MB mp3-file). Here are some games I have made for iOS where I made the game music either in Protracker on the Amiga or in VividTracker on the iPhone:

Roll a Stone

Roll a Stone was my first iPhone game and I made all the music in Protracker on the Amiga. VividTracker was actually made out of the module player I once used for Roll a Stone.


Spinoid is my second iOS game and the music was created in VividTracker on my iPhone 6 Plus.