Amiga 1200 and NFS

Before VividTracker, I was solely using Protracker on my Amiga 1200 to make tracker music. Nowadays, I’m using both VividTracker and Protracker. My setup is pretty nice. VividTracker can sync modules with Dropbox and it does it seamlessly so I don’t have to actively tell Dropbox to sync. All modules are stored in Dropbox/Apps/VividTracker. My Mac is running an NFS-server and is sharing the Dropbox folder through NFS. Finally, my Amiga 1200 is running an NFS client!

This means I can easily share modules between my iPhone/iPad and my Amiga. I just go to “Dropbox:Apps/VividTracker” on my Amiga and everything is there! If I copy anything to this directory on my Amiga (e.g. “copy modules:mymodfile.mod Dropbox:Apps/VividTracker”), it will instantly appear on my iOS devices. Very nice indeed, because it means I can work on a module on my iPhone while commuting and continue to work on it on my Amiga once I’m back home again.

The only problem I have seen so far is that Protracker doesn’t play well with NFS. I can go to the folder directly from Protracker, but not all files are listed. Very strange, because I have no problems accessing all the files from other programs. Amiga shell works just fine, it treats the Dropbox:Apps/VividTracker directory like any other. I also tried OctaMED without any problems. Perhaps it’s just related to the specific version of Protracker that I’m running? I could of course just settle with running OctaMED instead, since it can both read and write mod-files. But I want Protracker!

Right now, the solution is to open Amiga shell and copy the files back and forth between the two directories. It’s not too much of an extra effort. I just start with copying the file from NFS, then I load it in to Protracker. Once I’m finished, I save it back to modules: and finally get back to shell and copy it to NFS:. It works quite well too.