black queen.mod and similar mods are finally working! (Support coming in v1.2)

Finally! I got black queen.mod working properly in VividTracker. This module is more beautiful to your eyes than to your ears, but from that perspective it’s truly a masterpiece. According to a comment in modarchive, this module is recommended for anyone making a mod player:

The problem was related to how VividTracker interpret the E6x command and the Bxx commands. These work properly now. I had to listen to black queen in both Protracker on my Amiga 1200 and in VividTracker at the same time (synced manually by pressing PLAY in both trackers at the same time). They were perfectly in sync throughout the whole module.

Related modules that are also using E6x and Bxx commands, like pattern skank.mod by h0ffman (which won the tracked music competition at Revision 2013), are also working properly now. Besides fixing the issues with E6x and Bxx, I also needed to fix an issue with the 9xx effect command, which is now working exactly like in Protracker.

Now I can get back to implement better bluetooth keyboard support (with shortcuts). Given the time it takes to update an app on App Store (review time is currently around 11 days), I think it’s worth working a few days on this before I submit v1.2 to App Store. More about the new features in v1.2 in the next post.