VividTracker v2.8

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VividTracker version 2.8 has been released on App Store. New feature: Support for exporting samples as user oscillators for Korg Prologue/Minilogue XD/NTS-1.

VividTracker v2.7

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I haven’t kept this site updated, so I thought I should write some lines about the latest updates and upcoming features. The last news post was about the release of VividTracker 2.0. Since then, some new features have been added to VividTracker that is worth mentioning:

V2.1: Only contained a minor bug fix for iPad Pro 12.9″.
V2.2: Another rare bug fix, where modules having a sample size of 65536 would be stored as 0 bytes.
V2.3: This version can AudioCopy a stereo sample, in which case it gets split into two samples  (left and right channel). Screen 4B has a “stereo” button that needs to be selected first. Also, Allihoopa support was removed since their service has closed.
V2.4: MIDI input support was improved, which means you can now see VividTracker as a virtual MIDI port in other apps such as AUM. This version also supports AudioBus 3.
V2.5: You can now access VividTracker files from the Files app. Also, if you open a mod-file from another app, it will immediately load into VividTracker but it will not be stored to the VividTracker folder (because most of the time you just want to load it). If you want to save it, you can do that manually.
V2.6 & 2.7: Bug fixes

I’m currently working on the upcoming V2.8, which has a great new feature: Support to export samples as “user oscillators” for Korg Prologue, Korg Minilogue XD, and Korg NTS-1. More about this feature soon.

VividTracker v2.0 is released

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VividTracker v2.0 is finally released. What’s new?

  • Dropbox support is working again, using Dropbox newer API
  • Allihoopa support (I’m going to get back with tutorials about this one soon)

VividTracker v1.7 is released

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The new version of VividTracker is released. Now you can send more than one sample to the Korg Volca Sample at one shot, and you can also send pattern data. Take a look at the following tutorial video:


VividTracker also supports AudioCopy to other apps. I will demonstrate that soon in another video.

Preview of a new Korg Volca Sample feature

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If you own a Volca Sample, you know how tedious it is to add different notes to a pattern. In the next version of my iPhone/iPad app VividTracker, you will be able to send pattern data with different notes from the app to Volca Sample. I made a preview video demonstrating how this work:



VividTracker v1.5

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VividTracker v1.5 has just been released on App Store, with support for the Korg Volca Sample. Now you can send Amiga samples to the Korg Volca from VividTracker! Take a look at this video for a short demonstration:


Added forum page

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I have finally opened a forum so you can discuss anything related to VividTracker or recommend nice Amiga mods. You don’t have to register to read or write. I might have to change that if the forum gets spam posts, but I start like this anyway.

Working on v1.5, added

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I haven’t been writing here for some time, but I’ve been more active on Facebook so I’ve added a Facebook menu on this homepage so you can quickly jump over to VividTracker’s own Facebook page. I’m not an active Facebook user myself, but truth is I find it easier to reach out to people as they can spread my news more easily. This blog will still be around, but not as active as before. So please, to get the latest news about VividTracker, go to my Facebook page:

Anyway, right now I’m working on v1.5. It will contain support for 8 channels.

Resample a pattern to new sample

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One feature I’m currently missing is to resample a pattern to a new sample. You can always do this by recording to an external app using AudioBus and then audio-paste back to VividTracker using AudioCopy, but that is a very cumbersome procedure. What we really want is one button that plays the current pattern from start till the sample space has been filled, then stops.

From a coding perspective, I need to tap the output from the player (16-bit 44.1 kHz stereo output) to a buffer and then resample it down to 8-bit mono sample. It is not that complicated and I already have a method for the downsampling bit.

I think I can get space for an extra button on Screen 4 (the sample screen) next to the AUDIOPST button. I just need to cut that button down to half the size and call it e.g. AUPST. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

There’s a new tracker in town (not mine): SidTracker 64

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I’m not affiliated with this one, I don’t even know the guys who made it, but I find it worth mentioning anyway. There’s a new tracker coming to the App Store that looks really interesting and it’s called SidTracker 64. It’s a chiptune tracker for the iPad that emulates the SID soundchip and you can even export your productions to the C64 as a prg-file. Very cool indeed. It also supports Audiobus output (just like VividTracker). This is interesting, because it means you could use the following workflow to use the sounds from SidTracker 64 as samples in VividTracker:

SidPlayer 64 -> AudioBus -> AudioShare -> AudioCopy -> VividTracker

You can of course replace AudioShare with any other app that supports recording from AudioBus and sending samples through AudioCopy to other apps, but I find AudioShare to be the best app for this kind of stuff.

The guys that made SidTracker 64 recently said that it has been submitted to App Store, which means we should be able to buy it from App Store any day now. The price is set to $13, which is quite a bit higher than VividTracker (VividTracker only costs $3), but the interface looks astonishing so it might be worth it:

This is the website: