BT keyboard (again)

The BT keyboard support in the current version (v1.1) is CRAP. Strange that nobody noticed how bad it is. Sure, you can use the keys on the keyboard to play, but you cannot use them for editing anything else but the first track (TRACK #1). You can’t even use it for editing anything else but notes (e.g. effects). Totally useless!

The good thing is that BT keyboard support in v1.2 is going to be AWESOME! This is what I got so far:

1. Arrow keys: You can press an arrow key and hold it down, and the cursor will continue to move.
2. You can edit notes, sample number and effects with the keyboard. And yes, it works on any track
3. Pressing ESC or <CTRL>-2 increases the keyboard one octave
4. Pressing § or <CTRL>-1 decreases the keyboard one octave
5. Pressing <CTRL>-6 to <CTRL>-0 is the same as F6-F10 in Protracker, which is “jump to position 0,16,32,48,63 of pattern”
6. Pressing <SHIFT>-6 to <SHIFT->0 reprogram the keys to the current position, just like in Protracker
7. Pressing <ALT>-6 to <ALT>-0 jumps to position and plays pattern
8. Cut, copy, paste track or pattern using keys 3, 4, 5 in combination with SHIFT , ALT, CONTROL
9. Block mark/cut/copy/paste using CTRL+B/X/C/F
10. Insert row in track by pressing <SHIFT>-ENTER
11. Delete row in track by pressing <SHIFT>-BACKSPACE
12. Clear note in track by pressing BACKSPACE

I think I got it all. These are the most important shortcuts as I see it. I will now wrap this up and send the new version to App Store, which besides this really nice update to the BT keyboard support also contains some bug fixes regarding playback of some modules.