BT keyboard progress

I have come a bit further with making the BT keyboard support better. Much better, actually. Now, it’s possible to hold down the arrow keys to make the cursor continue to move, instead of having to press e.g. the down arrow button multiple times just to move a few rows down. It took a bit of time to investigate how it could be implemented, because there’s no description to be found on how to do it and developers seem to think it’s not possible. 🙂 This was a game change, at least for me, because it makes the BT keyboard so much more useful.

The other two things I’ve implemented so far is a) change octave, and b) jump to positions 0, 16, 32, 48, and 63.

Let’s start with describing the change octave feature. In Protracker, this is done by pressing F1 and F2. However, we cannot use F-keys, so it has to be solved in another way. The keys § and 1 are not used for anything and they are located at a nice location for this. Thus, § means “go down one octave” and 1 means “go up one octave”. Now, the nice feature with VividTracker is that when you go above the highest note you can play in Protracker, the keyboard starts to act as a drum pad, in which different keys plays different samples. It’s a really nice feature to quickly lay down a drum pattern. You can actually reach all the samples from the keyboard this way, by increasing the octave one or two times from the default.

The “jump to position” is done with F6-F10 in Protracker. Again, since we cannot use the F-keys in iOS, I have chosen that you need to press <CTRL>-6 to <CTRL>-0 to get the same functionality. This works just fine, but I might want to move them to <CTRL>-1 to <CTRL>-5 instead. It makes sense to have it as F6 to F10 on an Amiga, due to the layout, but I find it difficult to quickly find the <CTRL>-6 key combo on the Apple keyboard. <CTRL>-1 is much easier.

Anyway, there are a few more keyboard features I would like to add before submitting to App Store, but I don’t think I will get every single keyboard shortcut in the next version of VividTracker (but I will continue to add more shortcuts in future versions). So I need to ask you: Are there any specific keyboard shortcuts you think I need to add to v1.2? I think the copy/paste of tracks and patterns are pretty useful, as well as insert and delete notesteps, so I’m considering adding them for v1.2.

I’m hoping to submit really soon! 😀


  • leolodreamland

    Any progress? I bought my Logitech BT keyboard just after this article in anticipation!

    • Calvin Charles

      BT keyboard working very well, most PT shortcuts work, a few are different, there seems Not to be one definitive list though, the info seems a bit scattered – most of its in the different release notes on this site to be fair. And to be fair Vivid has done an excellent job, I have mos iOS music apps and I feel VT has they best BT keyboard integration.

  • Calvin Charles

    Does a full list of all current keyboard shortcuts for VividTracker exist ?