Korg Volca Sample

I have been looking at the Korg Volca series for some time now, but I have totally missed that they have come out with a new Volca called Volca Sample. This is a cheap sampler and step sequencer in one product, but it cannot actually sample sounds itself. Instead, it relies on an iPhone or iPad with Korg’s AudioPocket app, which can transfer wav-samples from iOS to the sequencer digitally (it is done through the audio output on the iPhone/iPad, but the signal is digitally encoded like an old modem).

Now, the coolest thing with this is that Korg has actually released an SDK so that developers can add support to transfer samples from their apps to Volca Sample. This means it’s possible to add support for Volca Sample inside VividTracker. You would then be able to send samples from various Amiga mods to Korg Volca Sample. My idea is to implement this SDK and also implement MIDI out, which would allow you to also play the samples on the Korg Volca Sample (or any other device) from VividTracker. Still limited to four channels though, since VividTracker will always remain to be a pure Protracker clone.






  • perestroikaccp

    i somehow missed this update. this would be the coolest thing, turning the sample into a real life tracker! 😀 – and playing stuff from vividtracker to the sample blows my mind too. such cool stuff.

    • http://www.vividtracker.com/ VividTracker

      The first thing I will work on is MIDI out and sample recording within the app itself (either from the microphone or from AudioBus). Then, I really would like to add support for this but I need to buy me a Volca first. :-)