One year anniversary and future plans

Time flies and it’s hard to believe that it was about a year ago I revealed my plans of releasing the first (and still only) Amiga music tracker on App Store! The original plan was to release it in January 2014, but I had to resubmit it twice to App Store before it could finally be released in February. Since then, I’ve released v1.1 with rudiment support for bluetooth keyboard. My next release will contain better bluetooth keyboard support (with shortcuts) and some bug fixes (mainly issues with playback for some modules).

Most questions I get from users are not related to more features in VividTracker, but rather if I could make another modern tracker for iOS not limited to four channels and eight bit samples. I do have such plans, but haven’t started to work on anything yet. One idea would be to release a pure MIDI-tracker, which can send MIDI-commands to other apps and get back audio through AudioBus. This tracker would not contain any sounds of its own, but rather just be a MIDI-sequencer that controls other synthesisers apps. Another idea is to build a pure XM-tracker. I might just do both as two separate apps.

What do you think? What kind of features would you like in a modern tracker for iOS?

  • the_cody

    Congratulations on making it this far and sticking with it! As for features of a more modern style tracker for iOS?

    I would definitely buy a midi only tracker. But, I think it would be much more interesting if you combined midi and audio in one tracker.

    Use instruments to set up samples and midi channel/port (and IAA instruments?). And, be able to setup multi-sample instruments.

    Having a modular approach to patterns would be nice, like in Renoise, SunVox or GoatTracker.

    Be able to add more note and effect columns to a channel to get polyphony. That way you could add insert and send effects per channel, and wouldn’t have to edit multiple channels for that.

    Something that bothers me about SunVox is that resizing of sections makes it kinda unwieldy. If you had section that just folded up like Thor does (where closed has minimal info/control and open is fully editable), it would be more manageable. Maybe have two open sections at a time and be able to “pin” one of them open (so that you can jump around other sections, but, say, the pattern view would stay open)?

    Have tables (like LSDj or GoatTracker) or instrument phrases (like Renoise 3) to be able to do some “automated” effects, so you don’t have to program that every time (and so it could run at a different tick/step rate than the main pattern).

    Have it built from the ground up with Bluetooth keyboard support (man, I really need to just go buy one). But, have the program still be just as usable without one.

    • VividTracker

      Thanks for the comments. Yes, it would be nice with a combined MIDI and sample based tracker, with a built in AudioBus mixer where you can add insert and send effects per channel and then of course record the whole thing. Even nicer would be to have a rack with some built in sound modules (sort of like Reason for Mac/PC or Caustic for iOS). But there’s a limitation to how much features I can put in of course.

      What I’m currently missing on App Store is a really simple to use MIDI tracker. I understand that SunVox can do what I want to achieve (more or less), but I have some problems understanding its interface and I prefer a more classic look (like Protracker or Fasttracker II).

      By the way, VividTracker has instrument phrases in the way it’s using effect 8 to copy and automatically transpose pattern data from one pattern to another (even so transporting from e.g. C major to A minor). But it cannot tick in another rate than the current rate.

  • perestroikaccp

    vividtracker is wicked awesome. i have not done any songs yet with it, but i play so much with it. more so than sunvox since its just a “plugin & play” sort of thing for me.

    a midi-tracker would be insanely good to have. sequencing synths on ios is a bit weird for me so far. sunvox has midi out, but not everything works. and for some reason, while i love sunvox, its not the sort of thing i see myself using midi for.

    i have not tried any of the midi sequencers [like pro midi, genome for example] but i did get midi editor. that i think, its the best piano roll editor on ios after korg gadget and auxy, but its just a notepad for midi basically. you can create various midi clips and thats it. a midi notepad in a way.

    so a midi tracker, with audiobus sounds way awesome for me. 😀

    and a pure xm tracker would be indeed awesome to have. whatever you do, having them as separate apps or all in one sort of super awesome modular mix thing, i wouldnt mind. i’d buy both and force everyone else to buy them too 😀

    • VividTracker

      SunVox is really packed with features, but I find it a little bit tricky to use as it does not have that classic tracker look that I prefer. That’s why I thought of making a MIDI tracker with a more classic tracker look. I will hopefully make both an xm tracker and a MIDI tracker, but they will be as two separate apps. Then I will have the total freedom to do whatever I want in the MIDI tracker, while I will still need to strickly follow the xm format for the xm tracker.

      I will take a look at the other sequencers you mentioned and see how those work. Thanks for your comments.