Resample a pattern to new sample

One feature I’m currently missing is to resample a pattern to a new sample. You can always do this by recording to an external app using AudioBus and then audio-paste back to VividTracker using AudioCopy, but that is a very cumbersome procedure. What we really want is one button that plays the current pattern from start till the sample space has been filled, then stops.

From a coding perspective, I need to tap the output from the player (16-bit 44.1 kHz stereo output) to a buffer and then resample it down to 8-bit mono sample. It is not that complicated and I already have a method for the downsampling bit.

I think I can get space for an extra button on Screen 4 (the sample screen) next to the AUDIOPST button. I just need to cut that button down to half the size and call it e.g. AUPST. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

  • perestroikaccp

    completely unrelated, but what bluetooth keyboard would you recommend to use with vividtracker? i used to have a cheap ass anker [??] branded one and it sucked to da extreme maximum of suckness to da max. TO DA MAX

    • VividTracker

      I noticed that BT keyboard support sucks on older devices. I’ve only tried Apple’s wireless keyboard so far and it totally sucks on my old iPad 3, but works OK on my iPhone 6 plus.

  • pixelmike .

    Hey it’s all gone quiet ! You are our only hope Obi One…..on an Ipad! Please try to keep up the updates to a great app!

    You know I was in bed thinking midi out in Vivid tracker would be really cool……I’d love to run a Volca or my Venom against 4 channels of 8 bit breaks……..and you could do stuff live….what doya think.

    Also a Protracker 2.03 skin would be cool…..I find the courier font a bit harsh to look at but hey that’s probably just me.

    • VividTracker

      Well, I haven’t had anything new to say for a while, but I’ve been active on Facebook lately and thinking about closing this blog and point to the VividTracker Facebook page instead.

      I have plenty of ideas and right now I’m working on implementing support for eight channels modules.

      • pixelmike .

        Oh ok apologies as I’m not on Facebook…..thanks for writing back….
        It’s good to see you are still working on Vivid Tracker – it’s really great to have something like this on the Ipad….8 channels that would be impressive…….I will keep my eyes open for updates…..thank you