There’s a new tracker in town (not mine): SidTracker 64

I’m not affiliated with this one, I don’t even know the guys who made it, but I find it worth mentioning anyway. There’s a new tracker coming to the App Store that looks really interesting and it’s called SidTracker 64. It’s a chiptune tracker for the iPad that emulates the SID soundchip and you can even export your productions to the C64 as a prg-file. Very cool indeed. It also supports Audiobus output (just like VividTracker). This is interesting, because it means you could use the following workflow to use the sounds from SidTracker 64 as samples in VividTracker:

SidPlayer 64 -> AudioBus -> AudioShare -> AudioCopy -> VividTracker

You can of course replace AudioShare with any other app that supports recording from AudioBus and sending samples through AudioCopy to other apps, but I find AudioShare to be the best app for this kind of stuff.

The guys that made SidTracker 64 recently said that it has been submitted to App Store, which means we should be able to buy it from App Store any day now. The price is set to $13, which is quite a bit higher than VividTracker (VividTracker only costs $3), but the interface looks astonishing so it might be worth it:

This is the website: