Time to play

Ah, I’m finally done with development now and I got time to play with VividTracker instead. You know, I actually did make this app for my own sake. I love Amiga tracker music, but I don’t have enough time to spend in front of my Amiga 1200 nowadays. What a great thing it would be to be able to do Amiga music while commuting. Then I could make tracker music when travelling to work on the train.

I actually wondered why nobody has made a Protracker clone for iOS, but I thought someone should make it some day. So I waited. Then I waited some more. Five good years! And I saw some pretty cool music apps being developed to iOS during this time. Soft synths like Korg iMS-20 and Propellerhead’s Thor. But not a single Protracker compatible music app! At this point, I realised that if I want to see Protracker for iOS I have to develop it myself. So I did, and now I have the tracker app I wanted all along, with features I never thought about when I started this project (Audiobus, MIDI support, AudioCopy, Dropbox sync, etc).

MIDI support is really nice. Keys C-1 to B-3 corresponds to Protracker’s C-1 to B-3. Keys C-4 and above corresponds to each sample from sample #1 to sample #31. This means, if you press C-4 then you will play sample #1 in C-3. If you press C#4 you will play sample #2, etc. This means you can utilise the drum pads on a MIDI-keyboard to map them to various samples. It becomes really easy to enter a drum beat this way.

I’ve tested MIDI support with my Yamaha QY-70, but I would really like to have a larger but still portable keyboard with drum pads. I’ve been looking at this one from M-Audio (Axiom Air Mini 32). Looks quite nice, doesn’t it? It’s perfect for VididTracker. You almost get three octaves but you can easily jump between octaves with the octaves buttons. Then you have eight drum pads that can be connect to various samples. I’m thinking about mapping these to samples #1 to #8.