VividTracker Preview on YouTube

Ah, the very first post! VividTracker is now really close to be released on App Store.  I have uploaded a video on YouTube so you can see for yourself what to expect:

It is just a preview and does not at all demonstrate all the great features. One such feature is AudioCopy, which allows you to copy samples from other apps that also supports AudioCopy. There are so many great apps to sample from, such as Korg iMS20, Animoog and Propellerhead’s Figure. My favourite is AudioShare, through which I can take music from my iTunes music library, import them to AudioShare, and then AudioCopy  amazing sounds from other songs.

VividTracker is 100% compatible with Protracker on the Amiga, which means you can start making music on your Amiga, copy your modules to VividTracker, continue your creation and add more samples through AudioCopy on the go, and then finally copy everything back to the Amiga with new great samples that you have just copied from other  synth apps on your iPhone or iPad.

I will continue to write about the development of VividTracker on this blog. Make sure you visit in once in a while if you want to be updated about the progress.