VividTracker v1.1 is live on App Store

Version 1.1 is now live on App Store. It comes with two new features: Audiobus 2 support and rudiment Bluetooth keyboard support. There’s no support for keyboard shortcuts like in Protracker yet, just very simple support for playing notes on the keyboard, but I’m working on implementing shortcuts to get as close as possible to Protracker. This is a good start anyway, and I’m looking forward to hear your comments about it. I will now get started on v1.2, which will contain more keyboard support.

  • perestroikaccp

    do you think that, once vividtracker has a stable build [so far for me it is] you might work on a more “modern” tracker? having grown up with madtracker and impulse tracker, vividtracker was like a dream come true, but sometimes i just wish i could have more!! 😀

    thanks though. vividtracker is so damn awesome. a proper tracker on ios is something i wanted and it arrived 😀

  • Simon Jones

    This seems to have great promise. Sadly, although it worked the first time, it now crashes every time time it starts up since integrating with Dropbox. If I reinstall it works again until I connect to Dropbox. I’m using an iPhone 6+

  • VividTracker

    @Simon: Weird. I have also an iPhone 6+ and have no problems with Dropbox. Do you have many mod-files in your VividTracker Dropbox folder?

  • VividTracker

    @perestroikaccp: I do have plans for a modern tracker, with support for 3rd party instruments/apps through AudioBus and MIDI. More about that soon. 🙂

  • perestroikaccp

    those features alone have me already exited 😀 😀

  • Muhamad Yamin