VividTracker v1.2 is now on App Store

VividTracker v 1.2 is finally on App Store, with much better bluetooth keyboard and much better (hopefully 100%) compatibility with Protracker mods. If you find any bugs or if you find that a specific Protracker module does not work in VividTracker, please write to me:

I will now continue to work on the AutoChord Keyboard feature. I have already some experimental code that actually works. Put simply, it’s a feature that let you play different scales on the keyboard by removing keys you don’t use and it adapts to the latest AutoChord being played (if you are using effect 8). This is very cool indeed. For instance, let’s say you play A-minor. In the experimental version, the AutoChord keyboard will then set the keys to the A-minor Pentatonic scale, which includes only the keys A, C, D, E, and G. Anyway, that is for version 1.3, but I have come pretty far with this and it makes tracking so much easier.

Happy music tracking!