VividTracker v2.7

I haven’t kept this site updated, so I thought I should write some lines about the latest updates and upcoming features. The last news post was about the release of VividTracker 2.0. Since then, some new features have been added to VividTracker that is worth mentioning:

V2.1: Only contained a minor bug fix for iPad Pro 12.9″.
V2.2: Another rare bug fix, where modules having a sample size of 65536 would be stored as 0 bytes.
V2.3: This version can AudioCopy a stereo sample, in which case it gets split into two samples  (left and right channel). Screen 4B has a “stereo” button that needs to be selected first. Also, Allihoopa support was removed since their service has closed.
V2.4: MIDI input support was improved, which means you can now see VividTracker as a virtual MIDI port in other apps such as AUM. This version also supports AudioBus 3.
V2.5: You can now access VividTracker files from the Files app. Also, if you open a mod-file from another app, it will immediately load into VividTracker but it will not be stored to the VividTracker folder (because most of the time you just want to load it). If you want to save it, you can do that manually.
V2.6 & 2.7: Bug fixes

I’m currently working on the upcoming V2.8, which has a great new feature: Support to export samples as “user oscillators” for Korg Prologue, Korg Minilogue XD, and Korg NTS-1. More about this feature soon.