VividTracker’s modplayer soon released as Open Source

My new game Spinoid is soon released on the App Store. It’s just a few days left, if everything goes well.

The music in Spinoid is made in VividTracker and the game is using VividTracker’s modplayer routine for playing both the music and the sound effects. Both the explosions and the sound of the rocket are played as samples from the mod-file. I added two sound channels to the code for sfx playback. This made it possible to prepare both the music and the sound effects in VividTracker, using AudioCopy to paste in samples that I wanted to use for explosions and rocket sound effects.

The modplayer in Spinoid/VividTracker will soon be released as Open Source, which means you will be able to use your VividTracker and/or Protracker modules in your own iOS games. I just need to prepare the code a bit more and document it. This will make VividTracker (or Protracker on the Amiga) a really useful tool for iOS developers. The mod-format is still a very convenient music format to use in mobile apps. It makes a difference in file size to store a 100k module in your app rather than a 3 MB mp3-file.